Antonio Seijo is happy to present you with his latest collection of jewellery.

Always looking for inspiration to create magic and colourful pieces, this year he has especially been inspired by these themes:

Architecture as the art of forming our world from different shapes.

The Cosmos – chaotic, infinitely aesthetic, fierce and always original.

Egypt – a visit to the gods, rituals and pharaohs of that ancient culture, and to the life-giving river Nile with its moody colours, gardens and flowers. Glittering waters of an Egyptian pond, the lotus born out of it and all the flowers are not so different from an exploding star or the constellations in the far universe.

Endless space is full of colour and movement and Antonio Seijo hopes to catch some of that mystery and magic in his jewels.

A Window
Open to Paradise

Blue Lotus

Garden of
The Nile



The Spiral and
the Serpent

Friendship in
Blue and White

Necklace of the
Pharaoh and Maat

Toi & Moi