About Us

Antonio Seijo was born into a family that had been jewellers for more than a century. Although he travelled the world as a young man and decided to do something completely different, his genes and his passion got the better of him and it did not take long for him to decide that he wanted to create new, different and amazing jewellery.

He loves combining materials and colours, designing unexpected forms, using subjects that one would not necessarily think as typical for fine jewellery, e.g. earrings of windows that look out to a paradisiacal landscape.

Antonio loves history, mythology and geology and allows everything, including the formation and evolution of the earth to inspire him. He is a gemologist and an expert in diamonds, coloured stones and many exquisite materials.

Everything is created exclusively by hand in his workshops in Marbella and Geneva. Using only the rarest precious stones with the finest quality all of his pieces are one of a kind. Putting attention into every detail you will find beauty and perfection when looking at them from any angle

Services we provide:

  • Design & Creation to maximum quality standards.

  • Re-designing & converting original pieces.

  • Jewellery valuations & Official certification.

  • Buying & selling of antique & new jewellery.

  • Investment jewellery consultancy.